MJBLabs is Matthew Brown, an independent Product Management and Technical SEO consultant.

I work as an embedded part of your Product, Marketing, and Engineering teams to create audience acquisition as a core competency for companies across broad categories like Instagram, Wistia, TEGNA News and Loews Hotels. If you’ve read this far, I’m not this boring to work with! I’m definitely not an agency and I strive to seamlessly work with your teams with the same focus and energy you’d expect from a full-time employee.


Portrait of Matthew Brown wearing a shirt and smiling


I have 20 years of experience in SEO and web marketing, product design and development, and managing Marketing/Product/Engineering teams. This makes me extremely flexible in how I can fit into your company structure and immediately contribute. My experience spans across a large cross-section of web verticals: News and Publishing, B2C SaaS, B2B Saas, eCommerce are my specialties, but I adapt my growth strategies to make sure I’m aligned with what your company needs. My deliverables are never the same for two clients, and I’m happy to provide references from any company I’ve worked with